Simple Stock Tracer
ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server, Azure

Simple Stock Tracker is a .NET Core MVC Web Application using C#, which integrates with a SQL Server database hosted on Azure to perform CRUD operations. This application is designed to be an easy way to keep track of your stock investment accounts and their holdings.

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Stock Holdings Viewer
Java, JavaFX, REST APIs

This project is a JavaFX application using an API to read information from my Simple Stock Tracker site (view Simple Stock Tracker on Github). On startup, the application calls the API, writing the Json response(s) to a separate file. Users can filter the returned list using the search box at the top of the application, and individual holdings can be selected to view all information available from the API.

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Card Dealer is an object-oriented, console-based program written in C++. When run, the program simulates the shuffling of a deck of cards, then asks the user how many cards they would like before dealing them out. Using classes, functions, header files, and exception handling, the output of this program is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. The program will not accept invalid outputs and will continue to prompt the user for valid inputs until they are provided.

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PHP Content Management System
PHP, Bootstrap 5, MySQL

This project was created as an Assignment for COMP1006 - Intro to Web Programming. It is a content management system for a ficticious gym, "GreatLife Fitness", using PHP and Bootstrap 5. There is a public side of the site, accessible to non-authenticated visitors, and an admin site for registered users.

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Connect Four

This is my final project for my Programming Fundamentals course, using Java. It is a two-player, console based recreation of Connect Four with the option for each player to wager a bet. In this project, I implemented all of my knowledge to date of both Object-Oriented Programming concepts, as well as general programming techniques. The source code (.java) files can be found in the src directory of this repository on GitHub, or the executable JAR file is available as well.

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Fully Responsive Website
HTML, CSS, JavaScript

A fully responsive website written from scratch using classic vanilla HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Link to live site available on GitHub.

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